H58 4 TUBES Flexy Gel Diclofenac Gel EXP 2020

size 60 g. x 4 tubes Topical Pain Relieving Gel Muscle Joint Back

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Product Description

Flexy  Gel for temporary relief of local pain and inflammation.

Compositon: Each 100 g. contains  diclofenac  sodium 1.0 g

Properties : Anti-inflammatory and analgesic preparation use in acute or chronic inflammation of traumatic or rheumatic origin

Indications : For the local treatment of

-         Traumatic inflammation of the tendon, ligaments, muscles and joints

-         Localised formsof soft tissue rheumatism

-         Pain and inflammation cause by disease of peripheral joints and muscles

Dosage and application:

          Depending on the size of the painful site to be treated apply 3-4 times daily to the affected parts and rub in gently.

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